Berry Nutrition Guide

Delicious northern Michigan berries are available in season at Farmer White’s, a family-owned and operated local Williamsburg, MI farm market. We all know berries are delicious. But did you know that they’re also packed with important nutrients?

Here is a list of some nutritional benefits of the berries you’ll find at our Williamsburg, MI farm market:

Strawberries – Not only are strawberries sweet and juicy, but nature’s candy is really good for you. Strawberries are jam-packed (pun intended) with Vitamin C. A half cup of strawberries will give you roughly 51.5 mg of Vitamin C, or half the required daily amount. What does Vitamin C do for you? It boosts immunity and is a readily-available antioxidant, which means it is a cancer-fighting food. Additionally, Vitamin C is important to eye health and helps skin produce collagen, essential for elasticity and a youthful glow. That’s not all! Strawberries also help fight bad cholesterol (making them a heart-healthy choice) and inflammation of the joint that is important in combatting the effects of arthritis.

Blueberries – You may be surprised to learn all the health benefits of a serving of blueberries (especially raw!).  They are such potent antioxidants that you could regard them as little blue warriors. New scientific studies suggest that blueberries improve memory if consumed daily. They are believed to boost cognitive function and benefit the nervous system. Other studies show that freezing blueberries does not harm their healthy anthocyanins and antioxidant properties, so you can stock up to enjoy their benefits for months to come.  If you are diabetic, blueberries have been shown to register low on the glycemic index (GI) for their impact on blood sugar regulation. Additionally, studies show that when eaten regularly, blueberries may improve regulation of blood sugar in those with Type 2 Diabetes. If you ever suffer from bladder or kidney infections, blueberries are as beneficial as pure cranberries are in fighting the condition.

Cherries – People can’t wait for the fresh Michigan cherries at our Williamsburg, MI farm market! Did you know that our state’s signature fruit is also a superfood? That’s right. Cherries offer a wealth of health benefits. Tart cherries in particular have been shown to help battle belly fat and bad cholesterol (which means they are heart healthy!). If you’ve ever suffered from gout (a form of painful arthritis that attacks joints and often manifests itself in the feet or toes), you need to try tart cherries. Studies show that when sufferers consume them, their gout symptoms decrease within days. Because cherries help reduce inflammation and joint pain, they are a great snack choice after exercising and also offer relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis. That’s not all! The anthocyanins–pigments that give cherries their red color–are believed to combat high cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes. Can’t sleep? Cherries are a natural source of exogenous melatonin, which can help battle insomnia.

Raspberries – It’s incredible to realize the powerful impact of tiny fruit like raspberries. These little dynamos are a great source of both Vitamin C and fiber. One serving gives you nearly half the required daily value of Vitamin C and more fiber than a bran muffin! They are also rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants and have been shown in studies to boost heart health.

Want to boost your health in a natural, delicious way? Visit us at Farmer White’s, a popular family-owned and operated Williamsburg, MI farm market, for our seasonal selection of Michigan farm-fresh berries. We are currently open Saturdays 11am-4pm and will soon be open daily for the summer!

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