Cherry Time at Farmer White’s Farm Market

Are you anxious to see fresh Michigan cherries at our Williamsburg, MI farmer market? All of us at Farmer White’s feel the same way! We can’t wait for the first crop of delicious, sweet and tart Michigan cherries.

While cherries are typically ready in early July, they are expected a little later this year due to a cool spring (also known as the never-ending winter that wouldn’t go away).  We anticipate the beginning of the cherry harvest this year around July 18th.

While we all wait for the cherries to ripen for harvest, why not share how much we love them and our favorite ways to indulge?

Cherries have an appealing robust fruity taste that is either lovely and sweet or satisfyingly tart.  On the basis of taste alone, we’re not surprised that cherries are highly sought-after when in season at our Williamsburg, MI farmer market.

Taste is not the only reason to reach for baskets of sweet or tart Michigan cherries at Farmer White’s. They are an exceptionally healthy fruit touted as a natural way to fight insomnia, belly fat, inflamed joints, sore muscles, high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease.

There are countless ways to incorporate these tasty, healthy cherries into your diet. Here are some of our favorite ideas for this summer’s harvest:

  • Cherry pie, cobblers, tarts, or crisps
  • Freshly-blended cherry milkshakes
  • Cherry crêpes with fresh syrup from Farmer White’s
  • Sliced and tossed into fresh green salads (add diced cooked chicken and almonds for a protein-packed dinner)
  • Cherry preserves and sauces
  • Infused in your favorite liqueur or as a garnish for martinis–a Michigan alternative to olives

Of course the trick is to buy enough fresh cherries to enjoy them as they are and still have enough left to use in recipes!

If you want the taste and nutritional benefits of cherries, but are not feeling particularly Betty Crocker-ish, no worries.  Come to Farmer White’s and explore the aisles of our popular Williamsburg, MI location for a wide variety of finely-prepared area foods made from cherries. Look for several types of jam (including Cherry Berry and Cherry Rhubarb), specialty jams with a hint of liquor, Cherry & Raspberry Foster, mild Cherry Salsa, Cherry Poppy Seed Dressing for your salads, or Cherry BBQ sauce for the grill.

We also have dried sweet or tart cherries for sale as well as artisanal baking mixes such as Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cherry Chipotle Cookies, and Whole Wheat Cherry Ginger Cookies.

The added bonus is that for these cherry products, you don’t have to wait till later in July. They are in stock now. Get them while supplies last!

Visit us at Farmer White’s, our family-owned and operated Williamsburg, MI farm market, for fresh Michigan cherries in season and quality artisan-crafted cherry foods year round. We are currently open 7 days a week. Mon-Sat 9am – 6 pm and Sunday 10 am – 5pm.

You can also find us at the Harbor Springs Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday; the Charlevoix Farmer’s Market on Thursday, the Alden Farmer’s Market Thursday evening, and the Petoskey and Elk Rapids Farmer’s Market on Friday.

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