Northern MI Farm Market Recipes

When you think of fall, do certain comfort foods come immediately to mind? Harvest time brings all the wonderful flavors of fall to our northern MI farmer market. Stop by to pick up delicious goods to create a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. We’ve got so much in store! There are pumpkins, apples of all kinds, and fresh veggies from corn on the cob to zucchini and squash.  Fruit is delicious and bountiful, with a great selection. Apples, peaches, plums – the ripe and rich tastes of autumn are here at Farmer White’s. Our northern MI farmer market, just two miles south of Elk Rapids, MI is a great place to come for inspiration for all your fall meals. We love to share our favorite recipe ideas and quick dinner tips, plus Farmer White’s carries a wonderful selection of salad dressings, pickles, sauces, baking mixes, preserves, jams, and jellies. And don’t forget our freshly baked donuts and pies! A quick trip to see us will get you everything you need to prepare inspired seasonal dishes with the finest farm fresh ingredients. Often people want to enjoy hearty dishes with the seasonal vegetables and fruit that are plentiful this time of year. The [...]

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Williamsburg MI Farmer Market Seasonal Produce

Grab the kids or your sweetie and come to the Williamsburg MI farmer market for a fabulous fall outing.  Farmer White’s has served people in northern Michigan since 1958. You’ll find us just two miles south of Elk Rapids, MI. Throughout our decades of business, the harvest season has always been a wonderful time for clients and staff. The bounty brought forth from nature is always an amazing spectacle, full of the wonderful colors and tastes we all associate with the season.. It’s easy to make a day trip out of a visit to our Williamsburg MI farmer market with the stunning fall colors to enjoy before and after you arrive to peruse the inventory at our friendly farm market. You’ll find the favorites for Thanksgiving at Farmer White’s: gourds and pumpkins to decorate your home. We have a variety of sizes and shapes, always fun to sort through until you find the ones you like best to spruce up your decor and table. Our selection of artisanal items is growing, too! We also have a variety of crafts for sale, always great for browsing.  Treat yourself or to start stocking up on gifts for the busy months ahead. In [...]

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Northern MI Farm Market Pies – Farmer Whites

What makes a chilly evening meal even better? Freshly baked pies from our northern MI farm market! Farmer White’s has long been a favorite destination for pie lovers in and around Traverse City. You can visit our bright and inviting northern MI farm market located just two miles south of downtown Elk Rapids or drop by our stand at the Harbor Springs Farmers Market. Every pie is a labor of love. We use the freshest ingredients for our family recipes so you can enjoy homemade taste with minimal effort. You need to be fast, however, because we quickly sell out of the most popular flavors! If you visit the page for our northern MI farm market on Facebook, you’ll find photos of freshly baked pies. Tim recently made these scrumptious cherry pies topped with latticework pastry – he learned from the best (his mom!). Often, we incorporate the bounty of the season in our carefully-crafted pie fillings, like our truly inspired Orchard Fruit Pie. This blend of sweet and tasty peaches, nectarines, apricots, and cherries is heavenly.   Our most stalwart customers usually remark on the exceptional quality of the pies we make and sell at Farmer White’s. It’s true: [...]

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Fantastic Farm Market Gift Baskets

When you want to quickly pull together a wonderful gift basket, come and take a quick trip to our friendly Williamsburg, MI farm market. Farmer White’s is conveniently located just two miles south of Elk Rapids, MI—well worth the drive through northern Michigan’s beautiful countryside. With our great selection of quality foods, fresh baking, and artisanal crafts, you will have a well-stocked gift basket for any occasion in no time. Our Williamsburg, MI farm market staff is happy to share ideas for inspired items to include in themed baskets. Farmer White’s even stocks beautiful handmade, fair-trade baskets from Ghana made to last! Whether you are assembling a gift basket for the parents of a new baby, a birthday celebration, anniversary, or housewarming, we can help you fill it with amazing goodies in a flash. As you walk through our wide selection of goods, you’ll see delectable homemade jams and jellies – and not just your standard strawberry or raspberry. We carry locally-sourced items that are simply of outstanding quality. The options are too many to list; but some of our favorites include Peach Melba, Rhubarb Orange Marmalade, Candy Apple Jelly, Blackberry Merlot, and Cherry Wine Jelly. Trust us, once you [...]

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Love Rhubarb! Recipes and Reasons

Do you think that rhubarb is only meant for pies? Or maybe stewed for real rhubarb enthusiasts? Think again! Rhubarb stalks are a great ingredient in everything from cakes and desserts, and jams or pickles to sauces, as well as an accompaniment to meat entrées. This prolific perennial vegetable (more like a fruit given the tart sweet flavor) is much more than just a pie plant. It also offers some significant health benefits: The red stalks are high in Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant essential for healthy skin, eyes, and mucus membranes. Rhubarb is rich in several B-complex vitamins essential to maintaining mood. Incorporating adequate B Vitamins in your diet is believed to help with stress or anxiety, lift the symptoms of depression, boost memory and energy, reduce the risk of heart disease, and even relieve pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms. There are still more vitamins packed into rhubarb! The stalks are chock full of Vitamin K (just 100 grams giving you nearly a quarter of the recommended daily intake). It is necessary for good bone and brain health. It is also considered important, for example, in the diet of someone with a neural condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. A good source [...]

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Wedding Favors – jams and jellies, etc

The secret to the right wedding favors for your reception might just be found at our Williamsburg, MI farm market. Farmer White’s is conveniently located in Williamsburg, just two miles south of downtown Elk Rapids. Most brides want to offer something unique and one-of-a-kind rather than mass-produced dollar store bric-à-brac. The advent of Pinterest-inspired wedding everything has put a lot of pressure on today’s young brides-to-be to choose something wonderful, inspired by the area in which they are getting married or grew up, and above all handmade. Our Williamsburg, MI farm market can take the pressure off finding just the right curio for your wedding favors! Take a quick trip out to see our friendly staff and explore all the great handmade artisanal items in our bright farm market store. Northern Michigan couples take note: our shelves are stocked with all sorts of products sourced from local vendors. For three generations – more than 55 years – we have found the best handmade goods made or grown in Michigan. There are so many possibilities for wedding favors here at Farmer White’s! If you are looking for something your guests will enjoy using, consider: Our massive selection of homemade jams and [...]

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Cherry Time at Farmer White’s Farm Market

Are you anxious to see fresh Michigan cherries at our Williamsburg, MI farmer market? All of us at Farmer White’s feel the same way! We can’t wait for the first crop of delicious, sweet and tart Michigan cherries. While cherries are typically ready in early July, they are expected a little later this year due to a cool spring (also known as the never-ending winter that wouldn’t go away).  We anticipate the beginning of the cherry harvest this year around July 18th. While we all wait for the cherries to ripen for harvest, why not share how much we love them and our favorite ways to indulge? Cherries have an appealing robust fruity taste that is either lovely and sweet or satisfyingly tart.  On the basis of taste alone, we’re not surprised that cherries are highly sought-after when in season at our Williamsburg, MI farmer market. Taste is not the only reason to reach for baskets of sweet or tart Michigan cherries at Farmer White’s. They are an exceptionally healthy fruit touted as a natural way to fight insomnia, belly fat, inflamed joints, sore muscles, high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease. There are countless ways to incorporate these tasty, healthy [...]

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Berry Nutrition Guide

Delicious northern Michigan berries are available in season at Farmer White’s, a family-owned and operated local Williamsburg, MI farm market. We all know berries are delicious. But did you know that they’re also packed with important nutrients? Here is a list of some nutritional benefits of the berries you’ll find at our Williamsburg, MI farm market: Strawberries – Not only are strawberries sweet and juicy, but nature’s candy is really good for you. Strawberries are jam-packed (pun intended) with Vitamin C. A half cup of strawberries will give you roughly 51.5 mg of Vitamin C, or half the required daily amount. What does Vitamin C do for you? It boosts immunity and is a readily-available antioxidant, which means it is a cancer-fighting food. Additionally, Vitamin C is important to eye health and helps skin produce collagen, essential for elasticity and a youthful glow. That’s not all! Strawberries also help fight bad cholesterol (making them a heart-healthy choice) and inflammation of the joint that is important in combatting the effects of arthritis. Blueberries – You may be surprised to learn all the health benefits of a serving of blueberries (especially raw!).  They are such potent antioxidants that you could regard them [...]

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Farm Market Northern MI – Strawberry Craze

Farmer White’s, the farm market northern MI has trusted since 1958, has good news: berry season is underway!   Do you love berries as much as we do? We have to agree with American singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks, who says, “I love berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries – anything with an ‘errie’ in it!”   Our farm market in northern MI is proud to sell locally -sourced strawberries for the best quality and flavor. They don’t have to travel far to reach your table, and you can enjoy the confidence that they are freshly-picked for optimal taste.   Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’re supporting local farmers and minimizing your carbon footprint by buying local- produced fruit? We think so, too!   What’s your favorite way to eat Michigan’s best strawberries? Next to fresh from the field, the staff at our farm market in northern MI loves strawberries in a few ways:   Sliced in a bowl with a generous serving of fresh cream Whipped into smoothies with frozen chunks of bananas and other fruit for a power-packed breakfast or healthy pick-me-up Dipped in freshly-melted chocolate as a special treat or easy dessert Sliced and served with fluffy pancakes [...]

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Farm Market BBQ Shopping

Planning a BBQ this weekend? Time for a quick trip to Farmer White’s farm market, Elk Rapids, MI to stock up on fresh and yummy food! Located in Williamsburg, just two miles south of downtown Elk Rapids, Farmer White’s has supplied delicious off the farm produce and artisan-crafted fine foods to Northern Michigan for decades. You can expect friendly service and competitive prices for the freshest ingredients at our family-owned and operated Williamsburg farm market two miles south of downtown Elk Rapids, MI. Naturally you’ll find crisp green lettuce to tear and nice, juicy tomatoes to slice. There are onions to fry up for garnishing freshly grilled burgers. No BBQ is complete without tossed green salad, grated cabbage, carrot coleslaw, baked potatoes, or a hearty potato salad. Bring your shopping list to Farmer White’s and we’ll personally help you find all the fruits, veggies, desserts, sides and sauces you need. High quality and good prices aren’t limited to our fresh produce! At our Williamsburg farm market near Elk Rapids, MI, area residents will find all sorts of exceptional Michigan-made canned goods, preserves, and more. Browse our aisles and find tangy sauces and spices to liven up the flavors at your [...]

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