A Northern Michigan Farm Market

Farmer White’s is more than a farmers market it’s a piece of our Northern Michigan heritage. This quaint Northern Michigan farmers market located about 2 miles south of Elk Rapids has been operated by Mary Cooper’s family for three generations providing fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious jams, jellies and pies to customers since 1958.


What You’ll Find

Locals and tourists visit our farmers market for the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade pies, and jams and jellies created from family secret recipes. They are welcomed by warm smiles, artisan baked goods, crisp vegetables, sweet fruit and 55 years of history in the making. A visit to Farmer White’s brings you back to a time when groceries were freshly harvested and baked goods handcrafted. Our customers provide more than our livelihood and they become more than just clients: “You watch people grow up, then they bring their kids, then their kids. It’s like family.”


We’ll Be Here

Stop in to see us anytime between Memorial Day and December and we’ll be here waiting with fresh produce, over 40 varieties of jam, our signature baking mixes, dried fruit, hand crafted gifts and more.

"Berries, Rhubarb, Cherries, Apples, Jams & More!"
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